Life Changing Documentary Films

We’ll have to agree that we are living in a “post-truth” world. The glamour of film, drama, and video streaming platforms has taken us FAR AWAY from reality. So, there is a need to educate ourselves about the important issues of this world and motivate our generation to do something EXTRAORDINARY.

Inspiring and motivational Documentary Films

Where finding valuable and motivating information is hard today, having access to a reliable information source is even more critical.

Here is when documentary films come in.

Real people. Real stories to inspire. A story of struggle and courage. A story of hope and freedom. A story of letting go. A story of accepting challenges. A story of finding your real SELF.

Documentary films are real, in-depth, and inspiring resources to make a difference in your life. They beautifully express the harsh realities of life. The truths of life.

These thought-provoking documentaries compel you to open up your mind, think of new opportunities, and accept challenges. You come to know the EXTRAORDINARY aspect of what may seem ORDINARY. You meet the heroes of everyday life through documentaries that motivate you to explore your talent and find the true meaning of your life. Documentaries like Dream Racer have truly been an instrument of change for many.

Not only this, documentary films also help you understand and connect with the world.

Be Educated, Inspired, and Entertained with dreamracer tv

“When I created the Dream Racer film, I had a vision in mind — to help people accept challenges using the film as a backdrop and based on the most dangerous race on earth. Our great story inspired many to get out of their comfort zones and chase their dreams.” Christophe Barriere-Varju says.

Now, with the Dream Racer TV streaming platform, viewers from 86 countries can stream and watch online REAL and INSPIRING movies — movies that make a difference.

A Range of Life Changing Documentary Films

You may think what is unique about Dream Racer TV when there are hundreds of online video streaming platform available.

We are unique because we offer a range of life-changing documentary films. The “Dream Racer Philosophy” has one dream — to help and inspire you make a positive change with your life through real and non-fictional stories. From award-winning Dream Racer to inspiring Solo on Moto, we offer a range of local and international documentary films to EDUCATE, INFORM, and MOTIVATE you.

Stream Documentary Films

With Dream Racer TV, you can stream movies of your choice online. You can either rent a movie for hours or days or buy it for unlimited streaming.

 Do you love watching films offline on your mobile? Install SHIFT72 App on your Android or iPhone and download your favorite movies to watch them offline. 

Our award-winning film Dream Racer is available with Subtitles in six languages, including Spanish, Italian, French, and more.

No Subscription Required

Unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime and other online streaming platforms, we don’t lock you into a subscription. Our philosophy is non-profit-centric, you simply have to purchase or rent a story and watch it – then come back a few weeks or months later to watch another film online.

And of course, we have a few FREE MOVIES for you as well- such as The 500 MAN  Challenge and  Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar.

So, click here to watch your favorite documentary films and be inspired by the REAL STORIES of REAL PEOPLE.

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