documentary film: Chasing the Jet Stream

The making of the film: The documentary production of CHASING THE JET STREAM started in February 2016 when Marc Hauser succeeded to entice filmmaker Claudio von Planta to follow his skydiving record mission.

Claudio got inspired by Marc’s charismatic personality and was also keen to promote knowledge about the huge renewable energy source in high-altitude winds. It was futile to predict how long Marc will need to establish his record and it was therefore impossible to win a TV commission.

However, uncertainty and risk are always welcome ingredients for a gripping documentary and Claudio decided to produce this film on his own with just enough budget to cover his expenses. Over time, Marc’s persistence and meticulous preparations led to success.

After 3 years of nerve-racking drama, he reached his goal on the 30th of June 2019 over Australia and Claudio ended up with a fabulous tale.

Chasing the Jet Stream

CHASING THE JET STREAM (Full Movie) tells the story of Marc Hauser, a visionary Swiss entrepreneur and record-holding skydiver who wants to become the first man to jump into a hurricane force jet stream at 8,000 to 10,000 meters altitude. It’s a record with a scientific purpose. Marc wants to bring attention to airborne wind energy systems, which are designed to harness the enormous power of high-altitude winds. It’s an untapped gigantic energy source, that has the potential to alleviate the global energy crisis.

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